We heavily support the war on waste, reducing our refuse by 4 skip bins destined for landfill per week! We ' ve implemented multiple systems to reuse our waste, without compromising quality. All glass bottles are entered into our bottlecyler for the residue to be recycled into new glassware. We have a separate recycling program for all of our cardboard waste, including that from our retail site and our empty milk bottles even make a trip to the local RSPCA to be remodeled into toys for rescue animals! Take some time to have a walk through the garden bar and check out our repurposed pot plants from around the hotel!


While the idea is to strive for perfection, we ' re realistic about what we can do. Sometimes a little can go a long way and we ' re committed to cutting down where we can. The nature of a commercial kitchen often requires single use plastics, and while we still use a small amount in our freezers, we have ensured that everything that can be in reusable tupperware is. Our use of bin liners is limited to the amount of waste we create from single use items contaminated with food, that' s less than four liners a day! Our TAB also offers a self service option, which cuts our use of paper tickets in half!


If we don 't need it, why use it? #strawssuck and don 't we know it! We completely canned the use of plastic single use straws in our venue as well as disposable coffee cups and their plastic lid counterparts. We offer our reusable keepcups for only $10. Our bars have completely abolished the use of plastic bin liners and single use containers, as well as growing our own herbs in the garden bar . Our kitchen utilises the technology from ORCA, who have installed a management system that turns our compostable waste into a liquid. Just imagine all the logistical energy eliminated by pouring our waste down the sink instead of driving it to landfill!


It' s not just about one person making a difference. We cultivate an environmentally conscious cohort of employees who together are making a difference. Our head chef Lil makes sure we source as much produce as we can from local suppliers to reduce the amount of emissions caused by logistics. We have partnered with Altos, to help educate our staff and loyal customers about how even products on the shelf can be sustainable. Altos provides us with an amazing tequila where 98% of their organic waste is composted and used in growing the next generation of agave! We support and encourage those in our community to become more eco friendly and host a variety of events to help reduce their impact. Follow us on facebook for future events!